Following is a portfolio of some of the various projects I've worked on over the years. I wish I had kept a better visual record of the work but as a programmer, I generally coordinate with a designer or art director to whom I attribute the visual design. As a web developer, I usually work on what happens between a psd and a data source. Such work includes coding jsp, asp, tcl, cfm, php, actionscript, javascript, html and css. I sometimes work in the server side code and at other times, I'll attend to photoshop production. Oftentimes, I work on and with content tools.

Lucasfilm, 2013

What an amazing opportunity. Got to work at a nexus of art and technology. Worked in a small group that maintained and developed as well as several other web properties. Primarily a java platform, also supported google analytics integration and wordpress blog maintenance. Helped with QA development, agile practices, coordination with gaming division.

Used jquery js library, implemented responsive design for mobile and tablet users.

Also took beginning and intermediate python training, download the code sample worked on in class.

Consumer Electronics Show, 2009

Videos, photo galleries and blogs site. I also worked out some js code to grab data from a live twitter feed proxy and render out the latest updates.

Flash widget, 2009

CBSNews redesign, 2009

Worked on some tricky actionscript/javascript integration between the video player and playlist for this page in addition to generally laying out the jsp and CMS integration work. merchant listing page, 2008

Implemented A/B testing on various aspects of the page in order to test the design against user interaction.

Kodak EasyShare Gallery, 2006

Worked in the localization group to maintain the site in several languages.

Prince of Persia, The Sands of Time game site, 2003.

For the release of the game, we created a media rich, flash site with wallpaper downloads, character profiles, video clips, news, screenshots, background music, etc.

Redken site redesign, 2003

A complete site redesign and rearchitecture. We moved them from a coldfusion platform to asp and reworked the database in addition to redesigning the site.

Redken site redesign, 2003

Ecotourism site, 2003

A side job I worked on that I developed in php and mysql.

Revlon/Bond microsite, 2002

Halle Berry was the Bond woman for Die Another Day as well as a Revlon spokesperson so we created a flash site for the movie release for Revlon.

MeowMix, 2002

MeowMix TV Summer Tour, 2002

Although this image is missing where the flash player would sit next to the city title, I can't bear to leave out the Meow TV Summer Tour and this screen capture is the best the Internet Archive would do for me. Hundreds of people across eight cities were recorded singing the MeowMix song and those very goofy mp3s were shared on the web site.

Music Mixing Email, 2002

Like it says in the image "mix-mail is the new personalized 4-track music mixing e-mail that lets you make your own original music along with your messages." The mix-mail itself consisted of a swf embedded into an email with custom backgrounds and music tracks. I created a mini portal to feature the various music emails and produced the featured mix-mails. The project was mostly a prototype.

Music Mixing Email, 2002

Zing photo sharing community, 2000

Excite : ZinK portal for teens, 2000

Such a crummy screen capture, please forgive all the broken images, but it's the best I could get off of the Internet Archive. I was the primary developer on this project which was an aggregation of community applications available at Excite with a focus on teens.

QuickLogic semiconductor site, 1996

My first job doing web work.